Hello world!

“I Have a Home Here” is a rolling interactive art installation/gallery whose artists are people who are experiencing unstable housing. Its primary mission is to raise awareness about the un-housed and serve as a platform for contact and interaction among communities. Its secondary missions include education, commerce and skill building.

It is in the form of an art bus–a converted school bus. Inside the bus is a resource precious to people without homes: a space of their own. Participants create and implement different artistic concepts and invite others in the community to interact with the art as the bus tours the city, stopping at local events and gathering places.  The public is encouraged to paint the exterior of the bus.  The inside is sad.  We are making the outside happy.  Fake it till you make it.  The rooftop stage is a premier space for performances of all kinds, specially available to low income artists and musicians.

This bus is a community resource and a community project.   Invite us to your event, weather private or public — follow us on tweeter or facebook to learn about our upcoming events.  Come touch the bus.   It will bite.

Please send an email to ihaveahomehere@gmail.com if you would like to help out or to donate money to this project.

 Here’s an easy way to donate to this project:  Next time you purchase something from Amazon, use this link to start your shopping and we will get a percentage of your purchase.